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Final day to triple your donation. Support your local newsroom today.

Time to rally.

Your donation today will be tripled, if we can hit our goal of $11,500. We are just $2,500 away. Every dollar matters and goes right into work for your community.

The Record is in the midst of an important fundraising campaign for the future of our startup, which launched in October.

We started The Record with $0 — just three community journalists carrying a mission to make a difference through genuine local news. You helped us raise $58,000 to get our nonprofit newsroom off the ground so we could quickly restore your local news at a time when it was needed.

Nearly three months later, we have reported more than 200 impactful stories about your hometown.

Also three months later, a new fundraising campaign will dictate who we are in 2021. The more funds we raise before 2021, the less we have to worry about funding in 2021. As a small operation, with just three employees, time spent fighting for funds is time taken away from reporting the news that affects your daily life and decisions. 

The current end-of-year campaign comes with all sorts of bonuses that would make a huge impact in our coverage: If you donate, it is doubled. If we hit our goal of $11,500, we unlock a bonus grant. If 100 new donors give, we receive two bonus grants.

Every dollar we receive goes right into our journalism, meaning it goes right into work for your community.

Already this year, The Record has closely followed the many COVID-related updates coming from your local schools, like when New Trier High School pushed forward with adding more students to classrooms

We have regularly taken regional COVID-19 data and broken it down to show its effect on your community.

We have told the colorful stories of your neighbors, like George Sullivan, whose jokeboard is the talk of Locust Road.

We have provided unmatched coverage of local sports, like when local cross-country runners made their own state tournament.

Impactful and responsible local news is vital to the health of our communities, and in the suburbs of Chicago, like New Trier Township, that type of reliable information has been stripped down or ripped away altogether time after time.

The Record is operated, from the top down, by community journalists. Our loyalty is to our readers, for whom we work to cover their community with integrity and care.

We don’t parachute in to grab a headline and vanish until the next one. We’re here every day.

We don’t work to make stakeholders happy or richer. We work for the truth because you deserve it.

Local news is not dead, but it is broken, and at The Record, we want to fix it.

We are asking that if you have the means and you value independent, nonpartisan news, that you consider contributing to The Record today. And we promise it’ll impact your community tomorrow.

joe coughlin
Joe Coughlin

Joe Coughlin is a co-founder and the editor in chief of The Record. He leads investigative reporting and reports on anything else needed. Joe has been recognized for his investigative reporting and sports reporting, feature writing and photojournalism. Follow Joe on Twitter @joec2319

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