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5 candidates for 4 seats on Wilmette Park Board

Four years later, more seats are available on the Wilmette Park Board, but fewer candidates are vying to occupy them.

This cycle, five candidates are in contention for four commissioner spots — compared to nine for three in 2021.

Three incumbents — Board President Mike Murdock, Julia Goebel and Cecilia Clarke — are seeking re-election, and Patrick Lahey and Scott Krone are seeking their first terms. Incumbent Lindsay Anderson, a 2021 replacement for Todd Shissler, withdrew her candidacy days after filing.

Both Goebel and Clarke were first elected in 2019, while Murdock is seeking a third term after previously serving from 2009-2012 and achieving another term in 2019. Murdock won the position of board president in a 4-3 vote over Goebel in 2021 and over Clarke in 2022.

Each candidate was interviewed by The Record Editor in Chief Joe Coughlin and their responses were recorded and are available below in the order of when they were asked. The candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. You can use the navigation tools below to skip to specific question that interests you. To listen to a candidate’s answers in order, click here: Mike Murdock (incumbent) | Patrick Lahey | Cecilia Clarke (incumbent) | Julia Goebel (incumbent) | Scott Krone

JUMP TO: Introductions | Community Accomplishments | Personal Strengths | Residency (Mike Murdock) | West Park (Paddle Expansion) | Gillson Park | Serving Special Needs | Other Important Issues | Closing Statement

Why are you running for Wilmette Park commissioner?

Describe one or two things you are proud of from your time in public and/or community service

What unique characteristics do you possess that would be an asset to the Wilmette Village Board?

(For Mike Murdock): Residents have questioned your residency status in Wilmette. Do you live in Wilmette? What is your residential association with South Bend, Indiana?

The Park Board president lamented mistakes with the handling of the West Park facilities expansion. What were the mistakes and what changes were installed to protect against them happening again? 

The park district balances passive versus active recreation. What is that correct balance for Gillson Park? And is that balance maintained with the proposed improvements? 

The park district has recently been criticized for a lack of inclusive practices serving children with special needs. How will the district improve in this space?

What is another big issue or two facing residents and how will you help address it? 

Closing statements

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joe coughlin
Joe Coughlin

Joe Coughlin is a co-founder and the editor in chief of The Record. He leads investigative reporting and reports on anything else needed. Joe has been recognized for his investigative reporting and sports reporting, feature writing and photojournalism. Follow Joe on Twitter @joec2319

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