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Election Night Running Diary: Top 4 hold big lead for New Trier School Board; Plunkett on way to being second woman president for Wilmette

10:45 p.m.: Unofficial results show voters have elected Jonathan Cesaretti, Lisa Schneider Fabes, Bonnie Kim and Anne Hart to the Wilmette School District 39 Board of Education.

10:35 p.m.: The contentious race for the New Trier High School Board of Education appears all but over. With 47 of 47 precincts reporting, unofficial results show voters have elected Keith Dronen, Kimberly Alcantara, Avik Das and Sally Tomlinson.

Wilmette Library Board: Unofficial results show Tracy Sommer, Maryanne O’Keefe and Patricia Nealon have been elected.This race was contested with 6 candidates running for 3 open seats.

10:25 p.m.: 22 of 22 precincts are reporting for Wilmette Village Board, one of the closes races of the night that we are following. Five candidates are competing for three seats. Here are the unofficial results:

Kathy Dodd: 24.1 % — 2,925
Justin Sheperd: 22.9 % — 2,769
Kate Gjaja: 22.1 % — 2,675
Peter H. Barrow: 21.7 % — 2,560
Brian Locke: 9.6 % — 1,165

10:20 p.m.: Unofficial results for Wilmette Village President are in. With 22 of 22 precincts reporting, Senta Plunkett leads Joel Kurzman by more than 800 votes. Here are the unofficial results:

Senta Plunkett: 59.2 % — 2,807

Joel Kurzman: 40.76% —1,931

In Glencoe:
Unofficial votes show the $10 million bond referendum was authorized with 82% approving the issuance.
6/6 precincts reported with 806 ballots cast

10:10 p.m.: Five candidates are vying for four seats on the Wilmette School District 39 Board of Education. Here are voting totals with 14 of 23 precincts reporting:

Jonathan Cesaretti: 22.2% — 1,976
Lisa Schneider Fabes: 22.89 % — 2,033
Bonnie Kim: 23.9 % — 2,127
Jane Hong Shissler: 6.71 % — 596
Anne Hart: 24.21 % — 2,151

10:07 p.m.: Unofficial results are in for the race for the Sunset Ridge School District 29 Board of Education.

Three newcomers edged out incumbent Nancy Detlefsen. Those elected include: Holt Zeidler, Abigayil Joseph and Samuel Dotzler.

10:05 p.m.: With 15 of 22 precincts reporting, Senta Plunkett is out to a big lead in the race for Wilmette Village President. Plunkett leads Joel Kurzman by just under 700 votes.

9:59 p.m.: Our first update in the highly anticipated race for the New Trier High School Board of Education (six candidates for four seats):

With 21 of 47 precincts reporting:

Keith Dronen: 19.98% — 2,604

Kimberly Alcantara: 20.83% — 2,714

Avik Das: 18.49% — 2,409

Sally Tomlinson: 20.64 % — 2,690

Julie Cho: 11.07 % — 1,442

Chad Prodromos — 8.9 % — 1,172

9:55 p.m.: The first batch of results are in. The race for Wilmette Village Board (five candidates for three seats) is tight.

With 15 of 22 precincts reporting, here’s how things stand:

Dodd: 24.3 % — 1,981
Sheperd: 23.05 % — 1,878
Gjaja: 22.4 % — 1,827
Barrow: 21.3 % — 1,738
Locke: 8.8 % — 724

9:05 p.m.: Some polls in suburban Cook County were ordered to stay open until 8 p.m., according to an email to The Record from Sally Daly, of the county clerk’s office.

“The 8 pm closings ordered by the courts put us back — we are hoping to start posting results shortly. Will keep you apprised,” Daly wrote.

7:55 p.m.: Local polls closed at 7 p.m. and about an hour later the Cook County clerk’s office was still preparing to unveil any results on its website.

In New Trier Township, voters will be decided a number of races, including several out of the Village of Wilmette.

The election for the New Trier High School Board of Education is also contentious with six candidates for four seats.

Caucus-slated candidates for races in Glencoe, Winnetka and Northfield are largely uncontested, as are those for New Trier Township.

The Sunset Ridge District 28 Board of Education election, however, features five candidates for four seats.

The Record’s broke down many of the contested races and listed the candidates in many uncontested races, as well.


This article was developed using publicly available information, such as press releases, municipal records and social media posts.

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