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Athlete of the Week: 10 questions with Aidan Nolan, New Trier baseball

Aidan Nolan was a senior center fielder for the Trevians and also a winger for New Trier Green hockey. Nolan was named to the Central Suburban South’s All-Conference baseball team.

1. Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

Usually I get a good meal after school and go to the field early and get some reps in. I like to make myself a nice steak before (a game).

2. What are you doing next year?

Going to Auburn. When I went and visited, it was the perfect size. Of the schools I got in to, it was definitely my favorite that I went and saw. It’s the athletics, SEC football games, just the whole town itself is really cool.

3. Baseball or hockey?

Baseball. Definitely baseball. I don’t know what it is. A lot of people might be surprised by that. Baseball seems so much more boring, but to me, it’s just more fun. The camaraderie in both is pretty similar. I always gravitated toward baseball.

4. Who is your favorite athlete?

Although I never watched him live, but from watching videos, I’d say Bo Jackson (retired NFL and MLB). His ability to play two sports at such a high level. He was an All-Star in MLB and a Pro Bowler in the NFL. It’s just really cool to me.

5. How does baseball fit into your future?

I might try to walk on at Auburn. It’ll probably be in my life for a while. I’m probably going to end up coaching or something along those lines. I just love being around the field and the team and stuff like that.

6. If you could play another sport, what would it be?

It’s probably between football or soccer. I’ll say soccer. I used to play and it used to be one of my favorite sports, but I stopped playing. I love watching it. I love how it’s so international. Everyone plays growing up. I feel like I’d be a pretty decent soccer player.

7. What is your favorite thing to do off the field?

I like hanging out with friends. I like to go to the lake, go boating and swimming. I like playing golf.

8. If you’re in Walgreens with a couple bucks, what are you buying?

I’ll probably get an Arizona, like an Arnold Palmer, and some sort of chocolate candy.

9. What is something people don’t know about you?

That I speak Spanish. Growing up, we have a nanny and she spoke Spanish with me and my siblings so we naturally picked it up.

10. How would you summarize your senior baseball season?

That was probably the most fun I’ve ever had with any team. We were able to accomplish a lot, even though we ended earlier than we wanted. No one could really be mad. We went 30 straight games without losing; we got (coach Mike Napoleon) 1,000 wins. Everyone was excited to come to the field every day.

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