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Ravinia Festival’s plans to upgrade its pavilion will go in front of City officials

As Ravinia Festival prepares for the start of its annual season, officials from the popular North Shore music venue are getting ready for a different debut.

Representatives from the Highland Park institution recently told City of Highland Park officials that Ravinia will be “pursuing innovation of its pavilion.” 

City Councilmember Anthony Blumberg presented a recap from a mid-May Ravinia Festival neighborhood meeting during the council’s May 28 meeting. Blumberg told the public that Ravinia officials are set to present their project plans to Highland Park’s Plan and Design Commission on Tuesday, June 4.

According to Blumberg, Ravinia is planning to upgrade the 1950s structure, 1970 addition and 1990 office to “modern-day operations.” 

View from the entrance and loading dock of the proposed pavilion improvements.

Ravinia’s work plans include updates to the backstage, seating, lighting, loading dock and other areas, per Blumberg. 

Current plans call for Ravinia to stay within the existing building envelope except for a proposed equipment room that is currently slated for the east side of the building. 

Ravinia officials reported that updates to the venue will be phased over two years. Additional details about the music festival’s plans will be made available once agenda materials for the June 4 meeting are made public. 

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