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Updated financial projections offer better standing for District 113

School Board members listened to an improved budgetary outlook from Ali Mehanti, Township High School District 113 assistant superintendent for finance, during their March 19 board meeting.

Mehanti presented an updated five-year forecast to the board, which showcased a much brighter financial future than previously estimated and presented in January.

Superintendent Dr. Bruce Law previously said that officials are “confident” that the district will have a balanced budget in fiscal year 2025 but are “worried” about the following year. 

As reported by The Record, district officials had forecasted a growing projected budget deficit starting in fiscal year 2026. Mehanti previously reported that the district could face a $3.6 million hole by 2029-2030.

Contributing to the anticipated deficit, fewer staff members are expected to retire in the coming years, and the district’s enrollment is also expected to decrease from 3,149 to 2,917 by the 2029-2030 school year, officials said.

Mehanti’s presentation on March 19 showed that officials are now forecasting surpluses in both fiscal years 2025 and ’26, and the anticipated deficit in ’29 has slimmed to $1.12 million.

Mehanti said the primary drivers of the positive budget changes are reductions in full-time staffing and a lower-than-expected health insurance renewal rate for the PPO plan in FY25. 

District 113 will see a reduction of 4.15 full-time employees in FY25 and 6.65 in full-time employees in FY26, according to Mehanti. The reductions are related to the district’s plan to condense its science department. Those figures included licensed staff, non-licensed staff and administrators.

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