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Some residents upset at removal of hostage-supporting signs in Glencoe

The Glencoe Village President took time out of the Village Board’s last meeting to address resident complaints about materials removed from local lampposts.

Village staffers reportedly took down multiple posters that featured images of hostages in Gaza, taken during a violent attack on Israel in October.

Prior to public comment Oct. 12, Village President Howard Roin said the posters were placed in the public right of way — a violation of village code. Roin said the Village action had nothing to do with the content of the posters.

Village Attorney Steve Elrod supported Roin’s comments, saying that the Village officials cannot pick and choose which messages to allow.

Multiple residents spoke requesting the Village consider the extenuating circumstances. Mark Stern said he thinks an exception should have been made to allow for the posters. Stern referenced a situation in 2020 when Village officials did not immediately remove sidewalk messages in support of different movements, such as Black Lives Matter.

Prior to the posters’ appearance and after the initial attack on Israel Oct. 7, the Village of Glencoe released a statement in support of the people of Israel. Roin called the Village’s message an exception to a tendency to avoid national or international issues.

“For a great many of residents in Glencoe, this brazen antisemitic murder spree is personal,” he said, referring to Glencoe’s significant Jewish community. “We’re hurting and entitled to expect our local government to stand up for us. So we stood up.”

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