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Have a good story to tell? Wilmette Theatre wants to hear them

Local storytellers, time to put the mic where your mouth is.

Two Wilmette organizations are searching for about a dozen residents to step on stage and tell compelling 5-minute stories in the inaugural Tell Your Story Slam on March 3 at the Wilmette Theatre.

To apply, send a 250-word submission or a 60-second video to the theater’s program director, Amy Falkowski, at amy@wilmettetheatre.com, by Feb. 3. The entries should preview a true story with the theme “My first time.”

“Tell Your Story Slam is for people who like telling stories, listening to stories and having fun,” said Amy Falkowski, program director at the Wilmette Theatre, in a press release. “We are a community made up of people with great stories to tell, and we want to hear them.”  

As a longtime Wilmette resident, George Rafeedie has enjoyed hearing many of those stories and is urging his friends and neighbors to join the fun.

He knows a thing or two about storytelling, too. Rafeedie is a marketing professional who founded the agency Tell Your Story in 2009 and said he is proud to co-host this event with Falkowski and the Wilmette Theatre.

“I have been helping tell great business stories my entire career,” he said in the release. “But what really excites me is hearing personal and powerful stories by people who make us think, laugh and maybe cry, and hopefully inspire us a bit.”  

Rafeedie is also a founder of CoWorkers Wilmette, a coworking business in downtown Wilmette, at which The Record rents space.

Tickets for the March 3 live show will go on sale soon at Wilmettetheatre.com.

For more information on the show and submissions, contact Falkowski at amy@wilmettetheatre.com.

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