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‘Suspicious vehicle’ leads to standoff and multi-department police response in Highland Park

Police detained seven individuals following a standoff with a “suspicious vehicle” on Saturday afternoon, according to an alert from the City of Highland Park sent Tuesday, Nov. 22.

The seven individuals were released following questioning, said Amanda Civitello, the city’s communications manager; though, the investigation is ongoing and involves other local departments, she said.

Highland Park police reportedly responded around 3:30 p.m. Nov. 19 to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the driveway of a home under construction in the 100 block of Roger Williams Avenue.

According to the City’s release, the vehicle — a GMC Acadia — matched the description of a vehicle wanted in relation to a burglary in another community. In a photo of the incident, which a resident posted to social media, while the vehicle features Ford branding, it has the design and features of a GMC Acadia. The City did not respond to a question about the vehicle.

Police units reportedly blocked the vehicle on the bridge just west of Rosewood Park, where the car’s occupants reportedly did not follow police orders to exit the vehicle.

“Officers continued attempts to engage with individuals in the vehicle, and in total, the subjects refused to comply with officers’ commands for more than 15 minutes,” the release says. “Because officers could not see into the vehicle and because individuals inside refused to comply, additional officers were called to the scene, including from neighboring jurisdictions.”

At one point in the altercation, the driver of the subject reportedly tried to drive around the blockade, and “wedged” the car between a parked Amazon delivery van, the bridge’s guardrail and police units.

A photograph of the incident shows police officers with their firearms withdrawn and surrounding the vehicle on the bridge. The release says that because of the vehicle’s tinted windows, police could not see its occupants

After about 15 minutes, the release says, police detained seven occupants of the vehicle “without incident.” Officers reportedly then visited homes in a two-block radius to speak with residents about the incident.

In the release, the City lauds the community member who reached out to report the vehicle.

“An increase in burglaries and thefts is a nationwide trend that is not unique to Highland Park,” the release says. “Highland Park police officers are proactively working to prevent burglaries with increased patrol staffing, allowing officers in unmarked vehicles to be deployed on patrol during peak burglary hours, focusing on burglary prevention and detection efforts.”

“Community assistance … is very helpful to police officers working to prevent burglaries and thefts in our community. Individuals may contact the public safety non-emergency line at (847) 432-7730 with reports of suspicious vehicles or activities.”

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