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Winnetka police warn of ruse burglaries after report of fake municipal workers

The Winnetka Police Department is providing residents with best practices to avoid a ruse burglary.

The department’s community alert came after police responded to an alleged burglary on Tuesday, Aug. 22, in the 1300 block of Trapp Lane, where a homeowner reported they were distracted by one individual while another entered their home.

According to a police report, the resident was confronted by a male subject who said he needed to look at a fire in the resident’s backyard. While in the backyard, a second individual reportedly was in the driveway, and the two allegedly told the resident they worked for the Village of Glencoe and performing lawn care nearby. The resident called police, and nothing was reported stolen.

The incident is similar to other recent crimes in the area, two of which occurred on Aug. 13 on Glenwood Avenue in Glencoe. In both instances, one individual asked a homeowner questions while one or more individuals entered the home, according to police reports.

According to Winnetka police, a resident can limit vulnerability to such crimes by not opening the door for unknown visitors and ask for identification

“All Village employees have ID cards. Have the person slip their credentials through the mail slot or view them through the window or door viewer/peephole,” the community alert says. “If the person does not provide identification, do not open the door. If you have concerns or questions about the legitimacy of the person at your door, call 911 immediately.”

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