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Wilmette PD cuffs the Grinch in special holiday PSA

The Grinch has been pinched.

The Wilmette Police Department celebrated the apprehension of who it called an “elusive holiday thief” on Friday, Dec. 10.

The department announced the special arrest with a social media post featuring the Grinch’s booking photo and a short YouTube video showing the green criminal in the back of a Wilmette cruiser.

Wilmette Police Chief Kyle Murphy told The Record that the “silly” stunt was all in good fun to help remind the community to protect their property this holiday season.

“It doubles as a good public message … be mindful and make sure you are locking up your cars and homes, especially during the holiday season,” he said.

Murphy said as seasons change, and the area begins experiencing longer stretches of darkness, there is an “uptick” in property crimes, such as home and car burglaries.

This time of the year, he said, the department also likes to remind residents to protect their packages, because even though the Grinch is in custody there may be more thieves out there.

If you know your package will be delivered when you are not home, Murphy suggested having packages delivered to your place of business or working with a neighbor to watch your packages. He also said doorbell or front-door cameras can act as a deterrent and help notify you when packages arrive.

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Joe Coughlin

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