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Two daughters honor Mom by opening Momsy’s Cafe in Winnetka

Lynn Bergersen was given the special nickname of “Momsy” by her grandchildren, and though she passed away in October 2019, Momsy lives on thanks to her daughters.

The two sisters opened Momsy’s, a new cafe that sits along Green Bay Road in the Hubbard Woods Design District, this month to pay tribute to their late mother.

According to one of the restaurant’s managers, Bridget Romb, Momsy was popular and active in the area and loved entertaining and taking care of her family.

Bergersen’s daughters, Leslie Stevens and Lauren Smith, dedicated the restaurant and slogan — “some of my favorite things” — to their mother since “it is what she represented,” according to the Winnetka-Northfield-Glencoe Chamber of Commerce.

Sisters Lauren Smith (left) and Leslie Stevens are the owners of Momsy’s Cafe. Photos Submitted

On July 2, the new Winnetka eatery opened its doors to offer diners an array of “seasonal pop-up cafe fare,” Romb said.

“Momsy’s is a commuter-style type of restaurant,” Romb added. “These dishes aren’t things that require heavy plating. It’s very quick and all from scratch.”

Momsy’s focuses mostly on paninis, salads and bakery goods, Romb described.


The cafe’s signature dish is Momsy’s grilled cheese: A sandwich with Havarti cheese, avocado, orange marmalade, arugula and white truffle oil drizzle on country sourdough — just the way Momsy’s made it, Romb said.

The restaurant’s grilled cheese ($11) is Momsy’s signature version of the sandwich.

Then there is the espresso bar, in which Romb described as “incredible.” There are hot and cold beverages ranging from lattes to cold brews and cafe mochas to frappucinos. 

Next to the coffee bar sits a bakery case with biscotti, muffins, banana bread and more. 

The restaurant itself is “all in an open space,” Romb said, as you can view the staff making dishes in the kitchen from a large window. 

Momsy’s grand opened was celebrated with a ceremonial ribbon cutting with the Winnetka-Northfield-Glencoe Chamber of Commerce.

The building is owned by the Bergersen family. Previously, Reprise Coffee Roasters occupied the storefront.

Momsy’s is open from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. at 950 Green Bay Road, Winnetka. For more information, call (847) 386-7808.

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