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Uncontested races lead to new village presidents in Glencoe, Northfield

Below is a listing of all election-night results from uncontested New Trier Township races.


Glencoe Village President — 1 seat for 1 applicant

Glencoe has a new village president as voters elected Howard James Roin in an uncontested race Tuesday, April 6. As of publication time, Roin received 685 votes. 

Incumbent Lawrence Levin did not run this cycle. 

Glencoe Village Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants

Two village trustees and one new resident will serve on Glencoe’s village board as voters elected Incumbents Gary Ruben and Gail Lissner, and newcomer Dudley Onderdonk. 

The three are caucus-slated candidates. Incumbent Barbara Miller did not run.

Glencoe Park Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants

Incumbent Stefanie Boron and newcomers Brandon Hinkle and Bart Schneider, three caucus-endorsed candidates, were elected to the board. 

Glencoe D35 School Board — 4 seats for 4 applicants 

Voters elected two new school board members, Enna Allen and Joshua Markus, and incumbents Marcus Gale and Kelly Prout Glauberman. School Board members Ashley Kain Silver and Melissa Estes did not run for re-election. All four candidates were caucus endorsed. 

Glencoe Library Board — 5 seats for 5 applicants 

Board veterans Bruce Ronner, Laura Solon and John Tuohy were re-elected. Michael Pope and Beth Schnecker will join the board after being elected April 6. 

Current Board President Kathy Doyle and incumbent Teresa Grosch did not run. 


Winnetka Village President — 1 seat for 1 applicant

Chris Rintz will serve his second term as Winnetka Village president as voters elected the incumbent in an uncontested race. 

Winnetka Village Council — 3 seats for 3 applicants 

Winnetka voters elected Kim Mancini to her first term while also re-electing current council members Andrew Cripe and Rob Dearborn. 

Incumbent Jack Coladarci did not run. 

Winnetka Park Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants.

Warren James and Eric Lussen, both board incumbents, and Colleen Root  were elected to the Winnetka Park Board. Teresa Claybrook, a current board member, did not run for re-election

Winnetka-Northfield Library Board — 5 seats for 5 applicants 

Newcomers Melissa Mitchell, Thomas Sundel and Todd Van Neck were elected alongside incumbents Sarah Munoz and Jean-Paul Ruiz-Funes. 

Three incumbents did not seek re-election, as Katherine Casale MacNally, Raheela Gill Anwar and Brian Johnson didn’t run. 

Winnetka D36 School Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants 

With three seats available, just one incumbent, Steve Cirulis, will return to the board. Dan Waters and Alyssa Rapp were also elected to the board. Two incumbents, Nat Roberts and Scott Conine, did not run for reelection. 


Northfield Village President — 1 seat for 1 applicant 

Northfield’s new president is Greg Lungmus after voters elected the current village trustee on April 6. 

In late 2020, current village president Joan Frazier told The Record she would be running for reelection; however, the incumbent reversed course and did not file an application to run. Lungmus was selected by the Northfield Caucus prior to Frazier’s decision. 

Northfield Village Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants

Northfield’s Village Board will have a new look to it as three new residents were elected by voters. Matthew A. Galin, Barnaby Dinges and Tracey Mendrek will serve on the board. 

Incumbents Greg Lungmus (elected village president), John Goodwin and Thomas Terill did not run for re-election. 


Kenilworth Village Clerk — 1 seat for 1 applicant

Michael Gagnon is Kenilworth’s new village clerk. Incumbent Patrick Garvey did not run. 

 Kenilworth Park Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants: 

Kenilworth’s Park Board will remain intact as three incumbents — John Hart, Emily D’Souza and Stacey Sunderland — were elected. 

Kenilworth D38 School Board — 4 seats for 4 applicants

Four residents were elected to District 38’s board of education: Stephen Potter, Willian Graham, Ashish Kaura and Paul Anderson. Potter and Graham are incumbents. 

Kenilworth Library Board — 4 seats for 4 applicants

Four new faces are headed to the Kenilworth Library Board as voters elected Julia Atkin, Alexandra Buck, Peter Driscoll and Kathryn Kirrish. All four are caucus-slated candidates. 

The four incumbents leaving the board are Kay Alexander, Kathleen Lyman, Betsy Moerschel and Betsy Kilroy.

New Trier Township

New Trier Township Supervisor — 1 seat for 1 applicant

Township voters elected current trustee Gail Eisenberg as New Trier Township’s next Supervisor. Incumbent Alan Goldberg did not seek reelection. 

New Trier Township Clerk — 1 seat for 1 applicant 

Nicole Capretta is the next New Trier Township clerk. Longtime Township clerk Jerome Hoynes did not seek another term. 

Township Assessor — 1 seat for 1 applicant

Jan Churchwell was reelected as New Trier Township assessor in an unopposed race. 

Township trustee — 4 seats for 4 applicants

Incumbents John Thomas, Elliott Robbins and Stefan Mozer, and newcomer Danielle Rubin were elected. The four candidates were caucus-slated.

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