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Unhappy in the corporate world, Glencoe resident finds sweet relief with custom cookie company

After a lengthy career in marketing and advertising, Glencoe’s Wendy Silverman hungered for a change in her professional life. While searching for the answer, Silverman turned to what could satisfy that hunger — baking.

Her passion led her to opening Peace.Love.Cookies, a successful dessert company that sells brownies, bars, cakes, cake jars and the most popular: personalized sugar cookies.

“It all started pretty simply. I was struggling to find purpose in my work life and turned to baking because it was something I always enjoyed,” Silverman said. “I then got the idea to turn baking into a business endeavor; I was eager to make a product that would make others happy.” 

Silverman began by making dessert platters for friends, and word soon traveled around town. 

Silverman creates detailed custom sugar cookies for her company.

Before she knew it, requests for various baked goods began pouring in, leaving Silverman to wonder how she could manage it all.

A happenstance conversation with her older, entrepreneurial-minded brother gave Silverman the gumption to embrace, rather than fear, what laid in front of her. 

“My brother was the one who convinced me to adopt a ‘yes’ strategy,” Silverman said.

Following his advice, Silverman began agreeing to one order after another, feeling confident that she would figure out the details as she went along. It was this positivity that lead to the type of self-growth and success that Silverman craved, she said.

Peace.Love.Cookies also offers personalized cakes, cake jars, brownies and bars. Pictured is the cookie dough cake.

Before long, she mastered the craft of cake baking and perfected the art of the decorated sugar cookie. When a client requested something in particular, she would have ordinarily declined, she said “yes” instead.

“I value the perspective of my client. I feel that it is up to me to understand their vision and create a dessert that reflects that,” Silverman added.

Silverman’s biggest seller, her custom cookies, are decorated in matching sets ($3.50 each with a minimum order of 12). Some of her recent cookies featured on her Instagram page include: “The Godfather,” Chanel, unicorns and “Thomas the Train” cookies — the list goes on.

For client Kate Elisco, of Glencoe, Silverman’s creations and customer service really take the cake. 

“Working with Wendy is a pleasure,” she said. “She’s unbelievably talented and my kids immediately ask for her cookies as part of their birthday celebrations. She’s certainly one-of-a-kind and so easy to work with. I won’t be surprised if she makes it to the top of her industry soon. I must admit that on many days, my first search on my phone is to see what new cookies or cakes are available.”

To learn more, visit Peace.Love.Cookies on Instagram. To place an order visit, the website or email Silverman at

Alexa Burnell

Alexa Burnell is a Wilmette resident who has been covering the North Shore for the past seven years, previously for The Wilmette Beacon and its sister newspapers.

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