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New Trier High School’s ‘Emma!’ available to stream Friday to Sunday

New Trier underclassmen will take center stage this weekend as performances of the school’s freshman-sophomore musical, “Emma!”, will be available for digital streaming.

Productions of the virtual musical, presented by the New Trier Performing Arts Division, will debut via Broadway on Demand at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29, and will be available to watch until 6:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 31, according to information from the high school.

Those interested in viewing the musical can access performances by signing up for a free Broadway On Demand account HERE.

The musical is adapted from the classic novel by Jane Austen. It follows the story of a high school senior’s quest to play the role of a perfect matchmaker for her friends while also struggling internally to figure out her own personal feelings.

According to a press release from New Trier, the musical includes songs from The Supremes, Katy Perry and other well-known women singers.

“Working on ‘Emma!’ this year has been a theater experience unlike anything I’ve ever done before,” Director Ryan Dunn said in the press release. “This entire show was produced remotely, meaning many of the actors were never in the same room together, and I wasn’t in the room with any of them either.

“The communication challenges, the actors’ ability to react to each other, and the ability for physical interactions being limited as they were, it took a lot of creative effort and unconventional solutions to produce the show in a format we are proud of.

“The students in this production deserve all the credit in the world. This was completely new for them as well but they worked hard, rolled with the setbacks, and stuck it through.”

The production’s cast features dozens of Trevians as well as more than 20 crew members and rehearsal assistants.


Asher Alcantara, Joseph Baba, Julia Baer, Blake Beeler, Sadie Block, Lily Bowie, Tolga Bozkurt, Sophia Burnell, Ella Cesca, Sarah Choi, Kate Collins, Miles Davidson, Hudson Durbin, Natalie Fischer, Myra Gallant, Maggie Gorelick, Sara Grossman, Siena Harper, Grace Hepburn, Anna Howie, Dawn Jang, Maggie Kruse, Owen Meehan-Egan, Lauren Moutvic, Declan O’Connor, Cate Parkhill, Kate Patterson, Alexandra Plovanic, Dominic Reardon, Colleen Schindler, Sofie Schulmeyer, Maya Szal, Izza Virani, Mia von Varga, Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Wolf

Joseph Baba, Charlie Baron, Blake Beeler, Maddie Boulos, Tolga Bozkurt, Ella Cesca, Sarah Choi, Kate Collins, Hudson Durbin, Natalie Fischer, Grant Gaechter, Myra Gallant, Riley Gardiner, Maggie Gorelick, Sara Grossman, Siena Harper, Grace Hepburn, Anna Howie, Dawn Jang, Annika Juliusson, Hannah Kaplan, Maggie Kruse, Tiger Lee, Owen Meehan-Egan, Declan O’Connor, Isabelle Ornstein, Cate Parkhill, Kate Patterson, Alexandra Plovanic, Charlie Ronan, Colleen Schindler, Sofie Schulmeyer, Maya Szal, Izza Virani, Mia von Varga, Jonathan Wolf

Lars Arlandson, Ari Wendrow, Ella Bostrom, Emily Boyd, Ava Chaplick, Emily Ernst, Charles Foster, Paul Graham, Ethan Hoffman, Conner Kane, Ally Kleinmann, Owen May, Luca Mitchell, Jake Moskow, Paige Sheridan, Zoe Sirota, Will Stevens, Serena Vandergrift, Sonya Yabloch, Lucy Yager-Madden

Bella Friedman, Sarah Olson, Grace Traxler

Ethan Hoffman

Caleb Albrecht, Issac Canel, Fred Crone, Lincoln Crowe, Maddox Eckert, Alexander Gordon, Mirriam Goroff-Behel, Stephen Gloyd, Lizzy Kulick, Alexander Schlupp, Joshua Spinner, Matthew Williams, Henry Witt

Ryan Dunn, Director
Amy Branahl, Music Director
Nic Meyer, Pit Orchestra Director
Anders Jacobson, Technical Director
Katie Kritek and Lucy Riner, Choreographers
Gregory Shifrin, Accompanist
Emily Daugherty, Costume Designer
Stephanie McCullough, Video Editor
Malcolm Ruhl, Music Editing Support

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