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Girl Scout troop celebrates right to vote, urges community to ‘use it’

While the members of Girl Scout Troop 45521 may be too young to vote, they aren’t too young to inspire.

In collaboration with the League of Women Voters of Winnetka-Northfield-Kenilworth, these middle-school trailblazers earned their Girl Scout Suffrage Centennial Patch on Saturday, Oct. 24, all the while reminding the community to vote.

President of the LWV Chaya Rubenstein praised the troop for its community

“The day was truly inspirational,” she said. “These young Scouts showed their leadership skills within the community. Their involvement reminds us all that if you want something, then make it happen. If you want to maintain freedom and justice, then you have to work for it just like so
many women did 100 years ago. After all, women earned the right to vote, so use it, don’t lose it.”

Troop Leader, Amy Manojlovski, explained the impact of the insightful lesson.

“This activity taught us about a very important time in history,” Manojlovski said. “While preparing for the patch, we had many thoughtful discussions about a woman’s right to vote and our ability to positively impact the surrounding community. As a result, we decided that our
focus for the next year will be civic duty.”

After weeks of preparing for the patch, the girls united at Northfield’s Clarkson Park Oct. 24 and marched to Loving Care for Pet Service, where they placed a sash around a canine statue for all visitors to see.

There to greet the girls were representatives of the Winnetka/Northfield Chamber of Commerce, the Village Hall and employees from Loving Care, all proud to share in the troop’s mission.

Manojlovski shared that along with earning a sense of pride from the day, the troop also developed a newfound relationship with the LWV.

“We learned so much about this wonderful organization,” she said. “They do such a great job of inspiring everyone to vote. We had such a great experience and felt so welcomed by the LWV. We can’t wait to learn more about them and to possibly collaborate on future projects.”

In return, Rubenstein said the day with the young Scouts was memorable and one she hopes serves as a reminder that the LWV-Winnetka-Northield-Kenilworth is open to growing its membership, particularly with the young women in the community.

“I want people to know about the role we play in the community and how important it is to get young people, just like the members of Troop 45521, involved in the league,” Rubsenstein said. “We have an emerging leaders program for girls ages 16-26 and now is the right time to join and make a
difference in the community.”

Rubenstein invites all to check out the LWV website, where they can learn more about becoming a member or junior member. She also encourages mothers and daughters to join together.

On Dec. 3, the LWV will host a virtual tea and all are encouraged to “attend” via zoom.

Alexa Burnell

Alexa Burnell is a Wilmette resident who has been covering the North Shore for the past seven years, previously for The Wilmette Beacon and its sister newspapers.

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