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The Record’s free Youth in Journalism Workshop is set. Apply now.

The Record North Shore will host its second Youth in Journalism Workshop this summer, welcoming up to 10 area participants for a one-week educational program in August.

The workshop is free for anyone age 16-22 who wants to learn more about journalism, whether for a career in the field or just better understanding of reporting and how it fits into your community.

Apply here: Application Form

There is no fee to participate, and students will receive a $200 stipend and learn from leaders in the field.

Joe Coughlin, editor in chief of The Record, will host the workshop with five industry professionals and leaders — including JA Adande, renowned sports writer and Northwestern University professor — one each day from Aug. 5-9.

In previous years, the workshop covered: interviewing, story ideation and generation, sourcing, ethics, media law, investigative reporting, community reporting, and business models (for-profit, nonprofit, co-op, etc.).

The five two-hour sessions will run from 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, Aug. 5-9, at Enclave Coworking in Wilmette.

A journalism workshop for area youth aligns with the mission of The Record, which is a nonprofit, independent community newsroom. The Record aims to build a newsroom that enables a more understanding future of news consumer.

Previous workshop participant Azhley Rodriguez said she appreciated the insight from professionals as she set out for a career in journalism.

“The workshop has been the most eye-opening experience for me as a student of journalism,” wrote Azhley Rodriguez, a graduate of Dominican University. “I learn the basics in college, but hearing from other people who are actual journalists — whether they’re freelance writers, or non-profit starters, or even editors — it has really helped broaden my view on what life as a journalist would entail.”

• When: Aug. 5-9

• Where: 1100 Central Ave. Unit G, Wilmette (Enclave coworking)

• Cost: Free

• How: Application Form (only 10 spots open)

• Contact: Joe Coughlin, editor in chief, joe@therecordns.org

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This article was developed using publicly available information, such as press releases, municipal records and social media posts.

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