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Three’s a (Smelly) Crowd: Botanic Garden prepares for a third corpse flower bloom

All good things come in threes, and so do bad-smelling things at the Chicago Botanic Garden. 

The Glencoe venue is preparing for a potential third corpse flower bloom, as the corpse flower Alice has entered its bloom cycle. The staff is closely monitoring Alice’s growth and will provide updates when a more clear bloom date can be forecasted.

In case you missed the chance to see the two recent blooms, Alice’s bloom will provide visitors with another opportunity to catch a whiff of these unique plants. Two Titan arums, named Spike and Sumatra, bloomed last week, as reported by The Record, and are no longer on display. 

Alice is currently on display in the Sensory Garden. For visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the peak bloom, the botanic garden communications team recommends staying up to date with their social media and website for all Alice-related updates. But be quick: The flower is only in full bloom for 24 to 36 hours.

Corpse flowers are remarkable sights that draw visitors due to their astonishing height and putrid smell.

Per the plant’s nickname, when these plants bloom, they release a stench that consists of smelly cheese, human feces, garlic, and dead fish. If you can imagine a dumpster on a hot day, you might come close to the rancid scent of the corpse flower. 

Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful blooming flower if they can get past their smell. When in bloom, the corpse flower unveils stunning deep red pedals and a spike that can reach up to 8 feet tall. 

For those looking to catch Alice’s bloom, the garden opens to non-members at 10 a.m. Admission and parking can be purchased in person at the garden or in advance on the Chicago Botanic Garden website.

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