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Want a steak dinner for 6? All you have to do is watch some movies thanks to this Wilmette collab

‘Exorcist,’ ‘Bullitt,’ ‘The Warriors’ highlight Cult Classic Film Series

Rare and well-done? The two adjectives describe offerings at The Wilmette Theatre and Sophia Steak in downtown Wilmette. So it makes sense that the two are joining forces for a special program already underway.

The Cult Classic Film Series, in which underappreciated or vintage titles are shown once a month at the theater, began on Oct. 5 with 1980’s “Ordinary People” and continues the first Thursday of each month through May 2024.

The series, which is sponsored by Sophia Steak, 1146 Wilmette Ave., debuted last year, and the restaurant has upped its game in Year 2. This time around moviegoers have a chance to win delicious prizes. Each month, Sophia Steak — a brand of Ballyhoo Hospitality — is giving away a $50 gift card to a Cult Classic ticketholder who can ace trivia from the movie screened that month. The trivia game will be available at Sophia Steak following each movie, and a winner will be selected the next day.

And all participants who correctly answer the trivia questions will be entered into a grand-prize drawing, in which the winner — selected in May 2024 — will get a four-course dinner for six with beverage pairings at Sophia Steak.

Additionally, the restaurant will offer to Cult Classic Film Series ticketholders a discounted themed cocktail and wine specials on the day of each film showing.

Films in the series play at 6 p.m. the Thursday of each month through May 2024.

Next on the series’ schedule is “The Exorcist (Extended Director’s Cut)” at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 2. Other movies in the program will be (in order): “The Omega Man,” “Zulu,” “A New Leaf,” “Bullitt,” and “The Warriors”

Wilmette Theatre Program Director Amy Falkowski said after the success of last year’s series, planning started almost immediately on an expanded second year. Turnout for the first showing, “Ordinary People,” was strong, she said, and she is excited about the remaining schedule.

“This is something for a cinephile or people who want to see these films on the big screen,” Falkowski said. “It’s about being able to see something on the big screen again or that you may not have had the opportunity to.”

She added of the theater, “It’s more of the unique programming we do that makes us special.”

The nonprofit theater is celebrating its 110th year and will mark the occasion with a benefit party on Nov. 10.

For more information on the Cult Classic Film Series and to get tickets, visit the Wilmette Theatre’s website.

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