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Athlete of the Week: 10 questions with Liam Fitzgerald, New Trier football

Liam Fitzgerald is a senior defensive and offensive lineman for the Trevians. He was an All-Conference defender in 2022 and is committed to Brown University.

1. Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

I always tie my left cleat before my right cleat, and then I always drink a hydration drink — that could be Liquid I.V. or Gatorade. And I always make a peanut butter sandwich.

2. Why is Brown a good fit for you?

Because I really like their coaching staff. And I put my priority in academics I was looking for a good academic school I could fit into and learn a lot from. And after going to camp there, I felt that was the home for me.

3. What is your dream job?

Either like a commentator or like a business manager, like a stock market executive. Anything really in business because that interests me.

4. Who is your favorite athlete?

I really like BJ Raji (NFL—retired). He was a (defensive) tackle for the Packers. He was really fun to watch. He had a pick-6 against the Bears and it’s just awesome seeing big men get the glory.

5. What is your favorite thing to do off field?

I just got into golf. I like to play that with my friends and family. And basically spending family time, we play a lot of yard games and basketball. (I have) four siblings. It’s really rowdy when we play sports.

6. If you could play another sport, what would it be?

I think soccer. I don’t have the body for it, but just seeing professional soccer players play — I lived in Spain for a year so I got to experience that — there’s a lot of respect. To see (Lionel) Messi come to America is really eye-opening.

7. If you could play another position on the field, what would it be?

Probably like safety or linebacker. Just going downhill and hitting someone seems really fun.

8. If you are in Walgreens with a couple bucks, what are you buying?

Definitely a mango Arizona sweet tea — always a great option — and either a bag of (Flamin’) Hot Cheetos or some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

9. What is something people don’t know about you?

I would say that I lived in Spain for a year. I lived there when I was in third grade. My parents wanted to experience another culture. We didn’t know any Spanish. It was a lot to adapt to but it was a great experience.

10. Following Friday’s win, how are you and the team feeling?

We feel really confident. It felt like we played a lot harder and faster against Yorkville and it’s just a glimpse of what we’re made of now and in the future. We have a tough couple games ahead of us but we’re definitely ready for it and going to come out to play and win those games.

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