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A look at the uncontested races on local ballots

All New Trier Township and Highland Park voters will see at least one contested race appear on their ballots this local election season, but they will also be faced with several uncontested ones. 


Below is a listing of all uncontested local races or search and view the database below


Wilmette Library Board — 4 candidates for 4 seats

Incumbents Renee Cox and Joan Fishman are on the ballot along with Carolyn Sennett and Maria DiLorenzo. Lisa Macdonald, who served three terms and is the board president, is not running for re-election.

Wilmette District 39 School Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

Incumbents Amy Poheling (board president) and Erin Stone (vice president) are seeking re-election, while Allyson Palfas is also on the ballot. Incumbent Frank Panzica is not running.

Avoca District 37 School Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

Ross Friedman and Dorthy Elfring are newcomers, and Sumitrajit Dhar is an incumbent on the ballot. Gretchen Glader and Louise Dechovitz are not seeking re-election.


Winnetka Village President — 1 candidate for 1 seat

Incumbent Chris Rintz is slated to serve his third term as Winnetka Village President as he will be the lone candidate on the ballot. 

Winnetka Village Council — 3 seats for 3 applicants 

Current council member Bob Dearborn joins newcomers and fellow caucus-slated candidates Kathleen Orsic and Kirk Albinson on the ballot. Incumbent Andy Cripe termed out and John Swierk is not running again.

Winnetka Park Board — 4 seats for 4 applicants

Christina Codo and Cynthia Rapp, both board incumbents, and James Hemming and Jeff Tyson will be on the ballot. Mickey Archambault and David Seaman, current board members, are not running for reelection. 

Winnetka-Northfield Library Board — 4 seats for 4 applicants 

All four expiring incumbents — Travis Gosselin, Deborah Vandergrift, Ranjini Shankar and Matt Kinnich — are seeking re-election and have the support of the Winnetka Caucus.


Glencoe Village Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants

Incumbent Joe Halwax is on the ballot along with Hillary Scott and George Mihalopoulos. The three are caucus-slated candidates. Incumbents Jonathan Vree and Peter Mulvaney are not running. 

Glencoe Park Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants

Incumbents Michael Covey and Carol Spain are seeking four-year terms, and Jordan Spector is seeking a two-year term. Current Park Board member Lisa Brooks is not running.

Glencoe Library Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants 

Board veterans Linda Lin, Roger Parfitt and Jim Fiffer are on the ballot for four-year positions, and Nan Weiss-Ham and George Krafcism are seeking two-year seats. Incumbent John Tuohy is not running

Glencoe D35 School Board — 3 seats for 3 applicants 

Jason Kunreuther, Dev Mukherjee and David Napier — all current board members — are backed by the caucus and set to receive second terms


Northfield Village Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

Incumbents Todd Fowler, Charles Orth and Thomas Whitaker are all back on the ballot.

Northfield Park Board — 4 candidate for 4 seats

Two incumbents (Bridget Kennedy, Nate Pave) and two newcomers (Charlie Brandel, Amy Manojlovski) are ready to sit on the board.

Sunset Ridge District 29 School Board — 4 candidates for 4 seats

Jenny Damon, Cynthia Ho, Charlie Pick and Sam Tideman are set to take over for retiring board members Scott Subeck, Amanda Alpert and Adelbert Spaan.


Kenilworth Village Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

John Gottschall and Matthew Lojkovic join incumbent Tim Ransford on the ballot. Peter Shadek and Alison Winslow are not seeking re-election.

Kenilworth Park Board — 2 candidates for 2 seats

David Byrd and Benjamin Whipple are set to replace Steve McNelley and Elizabeth Duquette, both of whom are not running again.

Kenilworth Library Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

Incumbent David Johnson is joined by Laura Scarborough and Maria Yen on the ballot, while Brian Beeler and Lori Roeser will not seek re-election.

Kenilworth D38 School Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

Three newcomers — Lisa Graham, Eric Hayes and Kathryn Tarbert — are slated to join the school board. Incumbent John Gotschall is seeking a Village Board seat, and Lisa Metzger-Mugg and Mia Sachs are leaving the baord.

Highland Park

Highland Park Mayor — 1 candidate for 1 seat

Nancy Rotering is the lone candidate and will assume her fifth term.

Park District of Highland Park Board — 1 candidate for 1 seat

Incumbent Terry Grossberg is seeking his second term.

North Shore District 112 School Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

Lisa Hirsh and Melissa Itkin, current board members, are seeking second terms and Jenny Butler is seeking her first. Incumbent Adam Kornblatt is not running.

Township High School District 113 School Board — 3 candidates for 3 seats

Incumbents Jody Elliott-Schrimmer (part-time), Anne Neumann and Dan Struck are all back on the ballot.

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This article was developed using publicly available information, such as press releases, municipal records and social media posts.

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