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Wilmette gets new corporate seal; Winterfest coming back on Feb. 25

The Village of Wilmette has upgraded its image.

Following two years without a corporate seal, the Village will begin using the new image approved by its board of trustees on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

In 2020, the Village phased out its previous corporate logo, which featured an image of a Native American on the lakefront watching as a boat of settlers was coming toward the shore.

The Village of Wilmette’s previous corporate seal.

Village Manager Mike Braiman said the Village conducted an internal review of institutional resources, requesting guidance from the Human Relations Commission and the Wilmette Historical Museum. Officials identified the seal as “problematic” and retired it that year, he said.

According to a village memo, the seal was “not an appropriate representation of the village.”

The new image features one of Wilmette’s signature lampposts overlaid upon a lakefront scene, including a setting sun, treeline and shoreline. The new seal also includes the village’s incorporation date, Sept. 19, 1872. It was designed by Wilmette resident Wendy Fessler, who reportedly volunteered her time to create the artwork.

The corporate logo is “used infrequently,” the memo says, but is necessary on some official documents, including contracts with the State of Illinois. The Village also has a town logo — with a tree and establishment year — used more frequently, such as in most internal documents and on the village website.

Winterfest coming back in February

Nate Johnson outlines the “W” in Wilmette for one of his creations at Winterfest in 2022.

Citing a warm response to the inaugural Winterfest, Village Manager Mike Braiman said town officials have decided to bring it back for another round.

Ice sculptor Nate Johnson and his team will return to downtown Wilmette from noon-5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, along with a DJ, hot chocolate stand and more.

The Village is producing the event in collaboration with the Wilmette-Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce. A memo from the Village estimates at attendance of 200 people and Village cost of $3,800.

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