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Burglaries to Glencoe cars leads to one-car crash on Edens Expressway

One of three cars reportedly fleeing the scene of “numerous” auto burglaries in Glencoe crashed on the expressway early Wednesday morning.

Glencoe police officers responded at 4 a.m. to a report of an attempted auto theft. The caller told police as many as 10 individuals and three cars were involved, according to a press release from Glencoe Public Safety.

While the exact number of alleged offenders is unclear, Glencoe Chief Cary Lewandowski said three or four people may have been in each car.

Upon arrival to the scene, Glencoe officers reportedly saw three cars speeding away from the area and fleeing south on Interstate 94.

Wilmette police units reportedly then witnessed the same three cars speeding down the expressway and noted their license plate numbers. One of the cars crashed near the exit ramp at Touhy Avenue, and all three individuals inside were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, the release says.

Police say one of the individuals reportedly had a wallet reportedly stolen from a car on Wednesday morning in the 100 block of Hibbard Road in Wilmette — one of two auto burglaries reported on that block Wednesday. Wilmette police believe one of the cars that escaped — a 2018 Volkswagon Tiguan — was also stolen Wednesday morning from the 100 block of Hibbard Road.

Glencoe police learned that the crashed vehicle, along with another car, was stolen that morning from Glencoe. Four cars were also burglarized Wednesday morning in the same area of southwest Glencoe, Lewandowski said.

The chief said crimes of this nature, such as burglaries to cars and homes, as well as car thefts, have been on the rise in recent years.

“Please lock your cards and don’t have the keys inside,” he said. “If you see people doing this type of activity, do not confront them. Call 911. These offenders are often armed.”

In an incident on Tuesday, Aug. 16, individuals reportedly robbed a woman at gunpoint in Wilmette. The individuals crashed a car while attempting to flee and one of them allegedly fired a gunshot at responding police.

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