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Applications open for The Record’s second Youth in Journalism Workshop

The Record North Shore will host its second Youth in Journalism Workshop this summer, welcoming between up to 10 area participants for a two-week educational program in July.

Joe Coughlin, editor in chief of The Record, will lead the workshop and welcome numerous industry professionals to guide students through aspects of the journalistic process. Last year, the workshop covered: interviewing, news and feature writing, ethics, communications law, investigative reporting, beat reporting, and business models (for-profit, nonprofit, co-op, etc.).

Coughlin is an award-winning investigative reporter, sports writer and publisher who co-founded The Record North Shore in 2020 with colleagues Megan Bernard and Martin Carlino.

The course is free to attend and open to anyone age 16-22 who is interested in learning more about journalism, not just if they want to pursue a career in the field.

Interested students can apply here: Application Form

The inaugural workshop featured presentations or appearances from: Jennifer Gordon, an attorney who is the president of The Record’s board of director; Shamus Toomey, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Block Club Chicago; and J.A. Adande, prestigious sports writer, ESPN personality, Northwestern University professor and member of The Record’s board.

The workshop will host even more special guests this year.

The program is scheduled to run from for 10 two-hour sessions: Monday-Friday, July 18-22 and July 25-29 in Wilmette. While organizers hope the workshop meets in-person with proper safety measures in place, the ongoing pandemic may require a virtual or hybrid platform.

A student in the 2021 program, Azhley Rodriguez said she appreciated the insight from professionals as she begins a career in journalism.

“The workshop has been the most eye-opening experience for me as a student of journalism,” wrote Azhley Rodriguez, a junior at Dominican University. “I learn the basics in college, but hearing from other people who are actual journalists — whether they’re freelance writers, or non-profit starters, or even editors — it has really helped broaden my view on what life as a journalist would entail.”


A journalism workshop for area youth aligns with the mission of The Record, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan community newsroom. The Youth in Journalism Workshop will provide access to the field of journalism for interested students, as well as inform on how and why journalism is produced, how that journalism affects a community, and how it can better impact a community.

A portion of the mission states that The Record hopes to build an outlet that “enables a better informed and engaged local populace and a more educated and understanding future generation of news consumers.”

Donate to The Record today to support programs like the Youth in Journalism Workshop and everyday public-service journalism in your community.

• When: July 18-22 and July 24-29

• Where: 1167 Wilmette Ave #201, Wilmette, Illinois (Coworkers office space)

• Cost: Free

• How: Application Form (only 10 spots open)

• Contact: Joe Coughlin, editor in chief, joe@therecordns.org

joe coughlin
Joe Coughlin

Joe Coughlin is a co-founder and the editor in chief of The Record. He leads investigative reporting and reports on anything else needed. Joe has been recognized for his investigative reporting and sports reporting, feature writing and photojournalism. Follow Joe on Twitter @joec2319

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