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Carol Spain appointed to Park Board following quick exit from Brandon Hinkle

The Glencoe Park Board filled its roster in September after a surprise exit in May.

Commissioners approved Tuesday, Sept. 21, the appointment of Carol Spain to fill the seat vacated by Brandon Hinkle, newly elected official who resigned in the spring because of an out-of-state move.

Park District Executive Director Lisa Sheppard said the resignation was submitted just after Hinkle took an oath of office. The Park Board’s process to fill the vacancy drew four candidates, Sheppard said, and the appointment Tuesday fit the board’s timeline.

After one candidate reportedly dropped out, the Park Board interviewed the remaining three applicants before approving the appointment of Spain.

“This case was a mini disaster that I think we navigated fairly well,” Park Board President Lisa Brooks said at the meeting, giving credit to new board member Bart Schneider for leading the vetting process.

Hinkle was one of three individuals slated by the Glencoe caucus in the spring to serve on the Park Board.

Spain, who is a director for investment firm Charles Schwab according to her LinkedIn profile, will serve a two-year term and be up for reelection in 2023.

Also according to the profile, Spain has experience working with government entities when she was a director of public finance for S&P Global Ratings.

“I feel incredibly fortunate that we stumbled upon you or you stumbled upon us,” Brooks said to Spain at the meeting. “I couldn’t be more thrilled and satisfied that the process brought you to us.”

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